something fun everyday: days 25-28 (or "i heart ny")

Every other week since August, Hubby has been in New York for work. He's left around lunchtime on Sundays and returned around midnight (or later) on Fridays. Huge, huge props to you single moms because it is HARD. The first week was the worst but we kind of fell into a rhythm after that. And, in a way, I think it was good for our marriage since we got to miss each other again and got to appreciate all the other does (since I often had to travel on the weeks Hubby was home).

On Thursday, I left the baby with the grandparents and met him in NY. Yeehaw! My plane ended up having a mechanical issue that caused the flight to be delayed by 4 hours. Good thing I jumped ship and got the next-to-last seat on another flight. Unfortunately, it was to a different airport and during rush hour so I was still fairly late in my arrival. But I made it! Hubby met me in the hotel lobby and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I changed clothes, admired the view from our room, and we grabbed some Italian food. We hung out in the room eating cupcakes and called it a night.

I had the day to myself on Friday as Hubby had training. I grabbed some coffee and made my way to MoMA. I stayed there until it was time to meet Hubby and his co-workers for lunch (at Tri Tip) but I had to head back afterwards. When I left I was in a room devoted to fonts. Seriously. I dorkily love fonts... After finishing up there, I needed a nap. Hubby finished training early to we both made it back to the hotel around the same time. After resting, we got gussied up and went to dinner (French this time at Pigalle). Then we had tickets to "Book of Mormon." I know that show is a little contraversial and Mormons aren't big fans of it. I had super close Mormon friends growing up and have probably seen more Temples than any non-Mormon. I totally respect the religion. But I LOVED the show. It was the most fun I've ever had at a theatre by far. And I love the theatre. We had great seats and one of the stars was this guy, who we had just seen in "Love and Other Drugs." If you are not offended by South Park, I cannot recommend this show enough. I hear it's going to tour and they're also making it into a movie. That should be interesting. Friday was a great day.

On Saturday, we woke up fairly early and grabbed some To Go breakfast while headed to the 9-11 Memorial. They did a fantastic job on it. The waterfalls are huge and impressive. The park area is nice. You can picture people really using this space once it's all completed. It was an emotional place. We'll go back one day with the kid(s) and visit the museum. It's not opening for another year but the little snippets they had in the visitors center were enough to make you realize it's going to be an impactful space as well. After our visit there, we made the walk many of the survivors made that day and headed to Battery Park. We took a few pictures of the Statue of Liberty and walked around the gardens a little bit. Then we headed back up to Central Park and stumbled upon a parade. Lunch at Lexington Grill, a good little diner. After ducking in to Central Park, we had a short trip to the Met where I got to see some of my favorite French painters and sculptures. Then back to the hotel for a little rest before yet another good dinner (L'Ybane) and show. This time we saw "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" starring this guy who we had recently seen in, oh, "Harry Potter." It was very entertaining, too. He had an American accent and can really sing and dance. Oh, yeah, and it also starred John Laroquette (who was fantastic).

Sunday was mostly spent just making it back home. To the dog and baby. Very excited to see them. Watched "Something Borrowed" on the plane and read most of "The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet" during the trip. So yea for many, many fun things over the course of a few days. Good first trip without/post baby. So glad this concludes Hubby's travels.


Katie Lady said…
Totally, 100%, maddeningly jealous. Glad you had a fun trip!
Loretta said…
Envious. Still have not left my little wonder for more than one very local night. Cheers to your fabulous get-a-way!

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