i miss home

Last night was my first night away from the baby. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but I'm not gonna lie. I really missed her (and the rest of the family) when I got in bed last night. It was a little lonely.

It's crazy to think that not even two years ago it was normal for me to sleep alone both at home and on the road. Now we're a whole pack. I have my lovely husband on one side of me, the super cute baby in the co-sleeper on the other side, and usually a snoring dog somewhere in the room as well. It's just so full. My life is full. Cheesily, my heart is full. I love those guys. Can't wait to get home tonight.

(But don't get me wrong...I enjoyed the margarita last night, a little responsibility-free time, and about 7 hours of mostly uninterrupted sleep.)


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