baby's first baseball

Friday was the Astros' home opener. This was maybe my 5th consecutive Opening Day--I'd have to do some serious thinking to confirm that statement. But I do know that it was Daughter's first Opening Day and her first game period. She did great. Let people hold and feed her, wasn't bothered by the noise, and since we left during the bottom of the 7th she wasn't saddened by the team's loss.

Her gifted Astros attire is still too big for her so I had to craft a onesie for her. She also had tiny Astros socks on. So cute! And call me crazy but I think her red-haired gene is showing in this first photo.


Anonymous said…
you probably photoshopped some red in there. :)

i love how she furrows her clear, little eyebrows!

cjm said…
Yeah, I think she got my eyebrows. Poor kid. Ran into your mom at Target today.
Anonymous said…
Love, love, love the family photo!
Patois said…
Gorgeous, you all are!
Katie Lady said…
Cutie! That's awesome!

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