It's always amused me that people call daycare "school" now. So Hubby and I prepped Daughter for the university last night. Told her to be good and not cry and whatnot. Nobody prepped me apparently. Momma needs chocolate and liquor and a part-time job. I'm not sure how I'm going to do's been a surprisingly difficult morning. No way I'm making it to 5:00. So here's the Chicken, first day of daycare. You know, before she left and we were both still smiling.


Kat said…
Too Cute!!
Shannan said…
Well, unless it is 'just' a day care, she is at 'school' where loving, educated staff will teach her developmentally appropriate things such as sign language and rocket science!
The first day Shane went, I cried for twenty minutes - sitting in my car in the parking lot wanting to go back in and get him!
Loretta said…
You call as much as you want! When I worked at the onsite "school" for children of Herman Hospital Employees, we welcomed calls and drop-ins. And we reassured the parents that were dropping off the newbies that we were going to give them lots of love. And we did!

And Scarlett looks precious in the cutest skort ever!
I love how they call it "tuition" and the caregivers are "teachers". I nearly laughed out loud during my first tour when I was still preggers.

Pat yourself on the made it through the first day.
Katie Lady said…
What Shanna said....both my boys go to 'school!'

Hope today is easier, and tomorrow and the next day, etc...

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