meeting great grandma

Last month we took the baby to Austin to meet her great grandmother. She is Hubby's mother's mother and turned 100 the day before Daughter was born. Multiple things about that sentence are awesome. Anyway, I was very excited that they got to meet.

This was the second time Grandma was in a 4-generation situation. She was the grandmother that time. I can't imagine being a great grandmother. I doubt it will happen since I got started with children fairly late and I don't think I have these crazy longevity genes that Hubby's family seem to have. I guess I'll have to settle for being a grandma one day. No pressure, dear Daughter.

She also got to meet one of her first cousins once removed. I think he was smitten. And she seemed pretty comfortable with him, too.


Looks like the trip was a ton of fun! Hubby and MIL totally look alike!!!

Also? You could totally be a great grandma if daughter had a baby at like 15 or 16 and her child had a baby at 15 or 16. You'd be a great grandma in 32 years, max. ;)

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