ninth month

Nine months. You've been out as long as you were in. Longer, actually, since you were early. And you didn't really make your presence known until almost halfway through the pregnancy (when you then more than made up for it). So, yeah.  You've been here awhile and I can't believe how time has flown. You'll be one before we know it.

You now sleep pretty well. You've stayed in your crib (no backtracking).  You occasionally still wake up in the middle of the night but get yourself back to sleep faster. When Daddy was out of town for two consecutive bedtimes, I decided to have you cry it out to get yourself to sleep initially. Lots of tears and screaming that first night but much better from then on. Now you rarely cry more than just one really emphatic burst. It's awesome.

We continue to have issues with you having diaper fails. And now you seem to dislike diaper changes so you lock your legs straight. That is a very difficult position for you to be in while I'm trying to clean things up down there. Sometimes I roll you onto your stomach and sometimes let you stand for a portion of the program.

We've basically moved on to letting you eat whatever you want these days. No more introducing a food for three days in a row and then waiting to make sure you're not allergic. We're eating meatballs?  So are you. You love them actually. You seem to like the homemade food less and less and prefer yogurt, squeeze packets, and feeding yourself. I love it when you kids make it to the finger food stage.

You are more chatty these days but still no real words. You do sometimes have something close to dadadada. No mama but your sister and I are both working on that. You sort of wave and sort of give five but we need to work on both of those some more. Still very smiley, giggly, and happy.

Just when I thought you'd be one of those babies who never crawls, you decided it might be something you're interested in. You roll a lot and got from sitting to your tummy. You spin when sitting up. You try to pull yourself up and are successful sometimes. You like standing (assisted).  So while you don't cover a lot of ground, you do move much more. And seem to have just enough "skills" to hurt yourself.

You now have three teeth--all on the bottom. There's one about to pop through on top, though. You tried to break it through via blunt force trauma the other night. You like to pull up on the side of the tub while I'm running bath water and you hit your toothless gums on the edge before falling down.  Blood, tears.  Made better by bath time, which you love as much as your sister. 

We went to the zoo this month and you seemed to enjoy it more than last time. You were so little then. And we've spent more time outside as the weather has been pleasant. You still like the exersaucer and now enjoy the jumper more often. You and your sister interact more. She loves to make you happy and you do reward her with giggles. She talks to you like I do--same tone and words--when you're upset. Y'all are very fun. I am looking forward to seeing y'all together in another year.

I'll have to update your stats after your nine month visit on Monday but I guarantee you're over 20 pounds. I'm about ready to move you to a convertible carseat. Just need to wait for a sale. *Yep, you were 20 lbs, 13 oz (53rd%), 28.5" (57th%), and had a big ol' head.  The doctor said the big head was nothing to worry about.  I'm guessing you will be taking after me more than your dad on that one. Everything else checked out fine, too.*

Buns, it seems like you will do things in your own time. When you choose not when someone chooses for you. And you protest injustices. But you also make people so happy--even people who have never met you tell me that your picture makes them smile. And one of your daycare providers tells me how much she loves you every time I see her. You're a special bird and I'm glad I get to know you. You know, for life. 


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