One thing I never really expected out of this whole motherhood gig is how my amount of empathy would increase exponentially. It's crazy. Someone gets bad medical news? I immediately think of her kids. And how she must be feeling (also probably thinking about her kids). And I think of my kids and how much the whole situation just sucks. I cry at Olympics commercials. When that girl coasts over to her mom and hugs her? And they put their foreheads together? Gah. And I go to school plays and see those kids up there? And I'm just so. freakin'. proud. And I don't know a single one of them. But they're amazing and they're someone's kid and I think what they're doing is just awesome. Everyone is suddenly just a person. Who was once a baby. Who still is someone's baby. I hope people look at my kids that way. Honestly, we should look at everyone like this--it lets you cut people more slack and be happier for them and realize that we're all just people who have come a long way but still have a ways to go.


Katie Lady said…
What a wonderful sentiment. I am the same way. The P&G commercials during the Olympics? Please. I can't make it through a single one of them, and I've seen them multiple times now.
Anonymous said…
Yes. That.

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