update #3

I can finally breathe at work for a bit. And by "a bit" I probably should mean about 5 minutes. But I'll spend a few more here. I wish I had the day off and could just do whatever outside. It's so beautiful. I would die up north. A week and a half of dreary days in the 40s leaves me just this side of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Obviously the weather makes me distracted and rambly. Back to business.

If you've been playing along on FB you saw that I got a new car. It's a 2015 Highlander. I love it. It's a greenish grey color that doesn't show up well in photos, and it's way fancier than I am. I think we got a good deal but even better than that, we got something big crossed off the list. I had one glorious solo ride in it. Without carseats even. But then back to reality...which, of course, I wouldn't trade for anything.

We're still at the hotel, and things are still going well. Our transition to the grandparents' house starts next week. We check out of the hotel on the 30th. Still no idea what we're doing come March. There are quite a few things to consider.

We picked a contractor and I am pleased with them so far. They seem proactive, which is good. Right now they're trying to settle on the budget with the insurance company so wish us luck with that. I've started a wish list and am thinking about what changes I'd like to make. It helps me to focus on that part instead of things like being homeless for months or that the chairs I really liked in the living room are no longer made (and I swear nothing like them can be found).

Our inventory folks were great. They were so much faster than we would have been if we had to do it alone. Now we await their list and see what the insurance folks say. Again. So I guess the next step is to start piling things into a dumpster. Hopefully by the time that's done we can get going with piling the interior of the house into a dumpster.

So my tip of the week. If you find a contractor you actually like and would use (or use again), keep their number. Then if some disaster befalls you, bring them in to create the estimate alongside your insurance adjuster. That apparently shaves a lot of time off the front end. I didn't even realize you could do that. We wouldn't have been able to, of course, but it's worked out fine since we can't exactly drop everything and deal solely with the house. So far the pace seems ok. I'm about to get a little antsy, though. Patience.


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