update #8

I can't believe I used to blog so much. Of course, that was pre-children. Anywho, it's been awhile since an update. We're still working on the exterior so that it's secure before moving on to the interior.  And, you know, we've had more rain in the last few months than we've probably had over the last 5 years. 

But!  Other than where windows need replacing, we have exterior walls!  And our covered patio was rebuilt.

And we have lots of interior wood replaced including all the rafters.  So basically everything that was above the 2nd floor ceiling has been replaced.  It wasn't just a quick shingle replacement.  Really, it's like a 3rd of our house has been rebuilt.  And then nearly all of the interior will be.  This is the kitchen looking into the laundry room.

And the attic above our bedroom. 

So things are really coming along.  We've had a few days without rain (even though it looked like it could rain at any moment pretty much all day yesterday).  It's amazing how much the guys can get done if the weather actually cooperates.  They'll have to finish out all the framing and then we'll need to pass inspection. Then roofing, windows, siding, brick.  And I guess THEN we can start focusing on the interior.  That part is way more exciting to me.  I have collected almost all the light fixtures we'll need--some were just replacements of the ones I had replaced since we moved in.  And I've picked up a few replacement furniture pieces.  Since we need to replace so much, it's easy to watch sales and get really good deals. I guess that's all for now.  I wish I had more time to write more about other things.  Maybe one day...


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