update #11: recovered from the crazy

It seems that right when things are getting really bad and crazy and you want to scream "I can't do this!" that's when they turn around.  Kind of like childbirth.

So things are better.  I feel like we may actually live in our house again...something I was doubting before.  I started treating the contractors like I treat folks at work--I badger until I get a response (in a relatively nice way, of course).  It has actually resulted in--gasp--responses.  And I told them that I was going with the more generous part of the date range they gave me during our last big meeting.  So November 13th it is.  Please ignore that that's a Friday the 13th.  We're basing furniture delivery and leaving the apartment on that date so they have to stick with it.  Or else we'll be camping in the backyard, I guess.

We've had a lot of progress in the last few weeks.  We have all the walls textured and several rooms painted.  All new doors and trim--all painted.  Bathroom vanity bases in.  About half the kitchen cabinets in.  A new back patio (as the fire damaged the concrete--crazy).  We picked out all the flooring and tile.  Ordered odds and ends, which is an ongoing thing around here.  So it's coming along.  Finally. 


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