Five!  How is my firstborn so old?!  Well, you are and you're getting super fun.  You are your own person, for sure.  When I asked you what kind of birthday you wanted this year you said "Wonder Woman.  And I want all my friends to dress like their favorite superhero."  I thought that was a GREAT idea so we went with it.  And let me tell you, it was so fun seeing all your friends in their costumes.  The neighbors said it looked like Halloween all over again.  Y'all are the cutest.  This year, I mostly bought the food but spent more time on favors (capes!) and games (superhero training!).  Everyone seemed to have a good time, and the weather held up again this year. I'm also not gonna lie--it was nice to be back in the house for your party.

This last year was a challenging one what with us moving all the time and living everywhere but home.  But you and your brother handled it like champs.  You were so well-behaved in the hotel and apartment where you had to change your behavior a bit to be more considerate of neighbors.  You usually are pretty well-behaved in general.  You and your brother sometimes bicker but are typically best friends.  You have a few favorite friends at school (including your little boyfriend) and of course still love your cousin.  And babies.  ALL babies.  Sometimes I'm not sure how you're going to do when in a new situation around a bunch of kids who are strangers, but you had a camp at NASA and did great.  I hope you keep that up since later this year you'll be starting kindergarten with all new kids.

Speaking of school, you're still a smartypants.  You're learning to read and are doing some math.  Your writing, coloring, and drawing have gotten much better.  You love crafty things (yea!) and reading stories before bed.  We've started reading chapter books, and they keep your attention.  I have to admit that I like that more than reading the same books a million times.  You remain super chatty and ask a ton of questions all the time.  You also enjoy movies, going to the park, playing with the neighbors.  I think you're ready for a new dog but still talk about Maggie.  You do have that fantastic memory.

You have been taking karate for quite some time now.  It has held your attention better than ballet.  You have the yellow (gold?  I have no idea) belt with one stripe.  You also are better at tumbling and with balance.  You like riding your bike at your grandparents'--still with training wheels but you have much better endurance. 

We don't go to your 5-year-old doctor's visit until Friday so I'll update your stats then.  You're a pretty big girl, though.  So tall.  (Edited to add:  Yep, 70th percentile for height and ~60th for weight.)  And you still have your long blonde hair.  I mention cutting it shorter but you have no interest.  Your self-cut whispies have finally grown out.

You and your brother still sleep in the same room even though you now have your own.  What's funny is that where y'all sleep changes.  You will pick your room (in twin beds), his room (in his tent or in his bed), or will sleep on these pallets that you got for Christmas.  Sometimes we put you to bed in one place and a few minutes later y'all change things up.  Whatever.  You sleep well so that's all that matters.  You have mostly given up napping at home although you sometimes do at school or the grandparents'.  We had a good run so no complaints there.  You do take awhile to get dressed, though (both in the morning and at night).  You are slow, slow, slow.  But you kind of are in general.  This should not surprise me as your labor lasted FOREVER.

You still eat well.  You could probably survive on fruit alone but also love yogurt and sweets.  You have a pretty balanced diet but I think meat is lower on your list.

This year, I'm starting to ask you some questions about yourself.  Here we go...
  • What is your favorite food? Chocolate 
  • Favorite movie? Where the Red Fern Grows 
  • Favorite color? Pinkpurplesilvergoldbluered
  • Favorite thing to do? Color
  • Who is your best friend? Caleb and Olivia
  • Where is your favorite place to go? The Children's Museum in Galveston 
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? Rock star artist 
Love you, girl.  I hope we're always as close as we are now.


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