5 years! (the boy edition)

Oh, my tiny love.  You are five!  Technically, you'll be 5 in a few hours but still...  You celebrated yesterday with a Super Mario party at the jumping place.  It was a good time that was low stress for your poor mommy.  And today you're at space camp.  I'm so excited to hear how the day went!

It's a time for changes right now. You had your last day of daycare last Thursday.  Then you start kindergarten in 3 weeks!  I can't believe it.  I'm actually pretty thrilled that you and your sister will be in the same place again.  You're going to be in the dual-language program, and I'm so jealous.  Maybe I'll go through elementary school with you.  I'm sure you won't mind.  I'm looking forward to see how much you learn and how you change.  You've done so well at daycare this past year.  You can sound out some words and know a few sight words.  You're a pretty smart kid.

You're also a great friend.  We had a birthday party to attend the day before yours and you were sad because you didn't want to share the birthday boy with his other friends.  You were used to being the best friend at school. The other mommies tell me how you're nice to their daughters even when some of the other boys torment them a little bit.  I've talked to you about standing up for them and some days you come home to tell me that you did just that.  I'm so proud of you. 

You and your sister also get along most of the time.  There are fights; I'm not gonna lie.  But y'all still sleep in the same room.  By choice.  You're also still the funniest little guy and almost always so happy.  I think you're a mama's boy but you love Daddy, too.  You also love Callie.  The two of you play like y'all are both puppies.  You're just so cuddly still.  I told you that when you turned 5 I wouldn't be able to carry you anymore.  This morning I pretended I couldn't lift you up.  But, my youngest, I'll keep doing that until I'm physically unable.  I can't imagine that day; it breaks my heart.

You've taken swimming lessons this summer and are doing so great!  You had hit a plateau for awhile there so we just took a break, but this new school has done wonders.  You can swim underwater for a bit, and you moved up a class.  You're also doing basketball again.  We took a break from that in the spring just due to scheduling.  You're making improvements there, too.  We'll see if you stick with it in the fall or switch to something else.

For fun, you love to play video games.  I wasn't ready for Daddy to introduce you to them but boy have you taken to them.  Age-appropriate ones, of course.  But you are good.  Like crazy good.  You also still like Legos and building with anything.  You still are a fan of Transformers and dinosaurs.  You also love movies and tv and the iPad.  Ninjago and Rescue Bots seem to be the favorites right now. 

You still have your strawberry blonde hair.  Even though you're a ginger, I noticed yesterday that you really are pretty tan where you actually get sun--it's weirder than a farmer's tan.  You generally dress yourself and the outfits are sometimes insane.  You still love your shorts and often wear them with tall socks.  You don't like to dress up; you're more of an athletic-wear kind of guy.  Still no loose teeth.  You're still a little guy but you'll get there. 

This year's questions (that I'll have to ask after you come home from camp):
  • What is your favorite food? Cheese
  • Favorite movie? Iron Man
  • Favorite color? red
  • Favorite thing to do? Play video games
  • Who is your best friend? Tyler & Zen
  • Where is your favorite place to go? Jump N Jungle
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? Mario
Oh, little one.  I'm so happy it's finally your birthday.  You've been anxiously awaiting it all month.  I really love being your mother.  You bring such joy.  And still think I'm cool.  I'll hang onto that while I can.  I know most mothers think their kids are the best, but you really are something special.  I love that I get to watch that happen.  Happy birthday, Bubs!


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