Girl.  Seven.  I'm going to just throw it out there that I may be crazy for the next year.  Seven was when my whole world changed.  I look at you now and think of me when I was your age.  So young to lose a parent.  I'll cross my fingers and knock on wood and say all the chants to the universe that you don't ever know what that's like.  And then I'll move on to happier things.

You're in 1st grade!  You're doing fine.  Reading hasn't come effortlessly to you but we're working on it, and you've made progress.  You definitely still love it when we read to you two before bed.  We've gotten into "The Series of Unfortunate Events."  Y'all LOVE THEM.  We're also working on incorporating more math into our daily life (for both of you).  It's fun to see that developing as well.  You like doing experiments with the science kits, and your science project this year was Lemon Volcanoes.  I think you still love art the most.  You are very crafty, too.  You're also doing a bit more Spanish this year.

For extracurriculars, we're still swimming.  You're finally moving forward from the plateau you had been on.  You do after-school art and Spanish.  And you're in Daisies.  You've sold over 200 boxes of cookies now, I believe.  You've learned how to start a fire, and y'all are practicing for your first camp out later this year.  Exciting stuff!

You enjoy binge watching cartoons, playing with your brother, starting hundreds of projects that never get finished, coloring, playing with Callie, having playdates.  You're a big fan of the snow; that was all you wanted in a winter vacation this year.

You're still a great kid.  You think I love your brother more...even when I spend entire days with you alone and then just kiss him goodnight.  You're still slow--most likely to teach me patience.  You sometimes get in the cleaning zone (which I should try to harness more often).  You can be sensitive but are also very kind and generally happy.  You are a very good friend, remembering to include folks from all aspects of your young life.  You make the best connections between things--like MLK and Gandhi.

You still refuse to cute your long hair any more than a trim.  You're getting taller, and now I'm realizing I haven't scheduled an annual doctor's visit for you.  Oops.  You've lost I think 7 teeth now. You love ankle boots.  You often wear leggings (not a fan of "real" pants).  You love fuzzy sweaters/sweatshirts. 

This year you're having a Barbie birthday party.  But instead of wanting a girly party, you wanted it at a place that does Ninja Warrior stuff.  I think that's kind of awesome.  Very well-rounded.  That's coming up this weekend so hopefully it will go well.  I'm being more low-key this year.

I'll have to update with your answers later but just to remind myself:

  • What is your favorite food?
  • Favorite movie?
  • Favorite color?
  • Favorite thing to do?
  • Who is your best friend?
  • Where is your favorite place to go?
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
Happy birthday, sweet girl!  Even though you doubt me, no one loves you more than I love you.  ;)


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