six years! (the boy edition)

And you’re 6! And I’m late at writing this! I have no excuse (but plenty of excuses). While your birthday was on Tuesday, we celebrated this past Sunday with a pool party in the neighborhood. That was your first choice of venue. And after some discussion, I convinced you NOT to do a Mario party for the second year in a row. Unfortunately for me, you chose Kirby. A theme that has absolutely nothing premade. As someone on Pinterest said, it was a whole lot of me drawing Kirby on things. It was a cute theme, though. Lots of pink. And folks had fun so that was good. You again didn’t want cake but doughnuts. There’s a place near here that makes them decorated more like cookies so you even had Kirby doughnuts.

You’re about to start 1st grade in a few weeks. Kindergarten just flew by. You did great! You have an excellent accent when you speak Spanish. Your reading level is at least a year ahead of where you need to be. You’re good at math. You are in GT. Absolutely no worries (knock on wood) there. You also did well with behavior. You get so silly here at home; I wasn’t sure how you’d be at school.

This summer you’ve done a few camps—science and STEM-related. You’ve also taken tennis lessons. I got to see you practice today and you’re starting to get the hang of it. You and your sister do swimming year round. You can keep yourself alive now. You love jumping off the diving board. Over and over and over. Last year you also did afterschool Spanish (mostly because your sister would be in it and you doing it as well made it easier on me). You’ll start Boy Scouts in the fall. I’m anxious to see what that will be like for you.

You and your sister still mostly get along. We’ve had some discussions recently about sticking up for one another. Y’all still sleep in the same room. Wonder when that will change? You told me the other day that you love me most in the world. Video games come in second. But you love Daddy, too. And Callie. Y’all are so crazy together.

Other than video games, you love any screen time. You have games on the iPad. You and your sister binge watch cartoons when you’re allowed to. Zig and Sharko has been a favorite of late. You still like building and Legos.

As I’m reading what I wrote about you last year, I’m realizing that I can just copy/paste this entire paragraph: You still have your strawberry blonde hair. Even though you're a ginger, I noticed yesterday that you really are pretty tan where you actually get sun--it's weirder than a farmer's tan. You generally dress yourself and the outfits are sometimes insane. You still love your shorts and often wear them with tall socks. You don't like to dress up; you're more of an athletic-wear kind of guy. Still no loose teeth. You're still a little guy but you'll get there.

This year’s questions:
  • What is your favorite food? Chocolate
  • Favorite movie? I don’t know
  • Favorite color? Red
  • Favorite thing to do? Video games
  • Who is your best friend? Sammie
  • Where is your favorite place to go? McDonald’s
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? Video gamer where I test video games

Oh, Bubs. You’re the best. I love your sense of humor (we had a mutual giggle fit last night which was THE BEST). And how you are still filled with so much joy—although you told me no when I asked if you’d be this happy as an adult. I hope you’re wrong. Try to keep that with you always. It makes the world so much brighter.


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