So you're 8.  And a few weeks because I've apparently been too crazy to remember to write this.  But!  I made it through your year of 7 without losing all my marbles.  (Refer to last year's post.)

You're in 2nd grade!  You've made so much progress in the last year.  Reading is smooth sailing now.  We still read to y'all before bed but sometimes we reverse the roles.  I'm happy to have made it through the excruciatingly slow reading stage.  You also were finally tested for GT, and you got in!  I wasn't sure what you'd think of it, but so far you're a fan.  I love that your teacher mentioned that she didn't expect y'all to finish some assignment because you've finally found someone who speaks your language.  You have 2 main teachers this year--that's a first.  You enjoy them both.  Your science fair project was about density this year.  We let you incorporate a little craftiness into it with food coloring.  Always artsy, you.

For extracurriculars, we're still swimming.  You're doing great.  Working on all the strokes.  I really want y'all both to do summer swim league.  We'll see if I can convince you.  You're still doing after-school art.  Last semester you did Leadership Club which we ironically stopped this semester.  This semester is also Makerspace and Culture Club.  And you moved up to Brownies.  You had your first overnight summer camp (just one night, though) last summer.  Y'all have camped several times as a group.  The next one I have to go with you since I've skipped all of them so far.  But that's part of why I like for you to be in Girl Scouts.  Independence.  It's cookie selling season and you've sold I think about 175 boxes.  This year we'll do booths for the first time so you'll get more there.

Last year I wrote that "You enjoy binge watching cartoons, playing with your brother, starting hundreds of projects that never get finished, coloring, playing with Callie, having playdates."  That still applies.  All of it.  You've told me that your favorite weather is hurricanes and then cold and rainy.  You like the first because you get to stay home for days on end (thanks, Harvey) and the latter because it's nice snuggling + tv weather.

You're still pretty awesome.  You're mostly happy and a great friend.  And a good big sister.  You really love your cousins, too.  Oh!  You were a flower girl again (in Aunt J's wedding).  You looked so pretty and did a great job even though you get shy when all eyes are on you.  You proudly told me that you DIDN'T land a part in the Christmas musical.

You shockingly cut several inches off your hair in the last year.  It was still long, though.  Now you don't want a haircut until after we get back from Disney so that you can have Rapunzel hair.  You're still a relatively tall kid (check-up in a few weeks) and have so many permanent teeth.  You're still not a fan of real pants.  That has to change at some point, right?

This year you had a mermaid party.  We had it here at the house.  Lots of folks, per usual.  Y'all had some craft activities and also (FINALLY!) a piñata.  It was super well-made.  I'm looking forward to smaller parties, I won't lie.  But at least I've learned how to not be all crazy beforehand.  See?  We're both growing up.

Last year I know I asked you these questions but then never came back to write them here.  Oops.  I'm sure they're on a scrap of paper somewhere...
  • What is your favorite food? Chocolate ice cream Oreo cake
  • Favorite movie? Sleeping Beauty
  • Favorite color? Gold
  • Favorite thing to do? Color
  • Who is your best friend? Kelsey and Mireya
  • Where is your favorite place to go? Home
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? Artist
Happy (belated) birthday, my dear!  Looking forward to another year with you.


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