fall in the garden: picture post

So the weather has been pretty perfect around here. And I was doing some reading and it seems like now is prime time to add new plantings to the yard. Since our winters are generally pretty mild, this gives the plants a long time to establish before the crazy summers.

We've put this little lime tree in the ground. Yea for citrus!

And this tiny green plant on the left, an ixora, has been added. I was looking for an appropriately-sized little guy who could fill in this area in front of the house but also not die back in the fall. There are two other guys in this picture that do just that. By this time next year, it should look fabulous. By the spring, we may have some orange ranunculus...you know, if the 30 bulbs I planted agree.

The Hubby has been hard at work digging up the poorly installed (by previous owners) flagstone. We're going to expand the veggie garden a bit and re-install a smaller path (or some path, with some materials). We've already changed our minds several times including after this picture was taken.

We still have some old herbs as well as some new ones. Seems like there are very few cute herb labels out there and ones I bought at Ikea (that you could label yourself) just washed away (the labeling, that is). So I whipped these little wire ones up. Easy, fun, and a little rustic looking. I think the oregano likes it because it is looking fantastic right now.

And my pansies. I don't really enjoy putting annuals in the ground only to have to rip them up again so they rotate in some pots on the porch. These little guys greet you before you get to the front door.

This is what you get when you hack back an overgrown hibiscus...a lovely dark red bouquet (that looked pretty nice on the black Halloween table runner). Seen here in a wedding gift--an equally lovely Vera Wang vase. Thanks, Gary.

I wasn't totally in the mood for Halloween decorations this year so I only did a little. Until Halloween. Then I felt guilty. The creepy porch.

And the husband who would scare trick-or-treaters and their mothers. (He doesn't scare me. I think he's cute.)


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