ho hum

I got nothin'. Those pansies I planted are looking good. Like this now (well, today they look slightly less beaten down by rain):

And those ranunculus bulbs I planted? The ones that are supposed to cheerily bloom in the spring? Look like this:

Shame on them. You know, unless they bloom. Doesn't really matter what season to me.

I made cinnamon rolls yesterday. And altered a dress. And we're going to see A Christmas Carol at the theatre (live, not the Jim Carrey movie).

Yep, that's all. I'm super unmotivated.


nora said…
they look fine, don't worry. you have tons of plans and those racoons need to be shot. I have a little plant that I am working with. I have a 4 little sprouts that came out. I need to take a picture of it so you can look at it. I am so proud of my hard work, I make sure I pour 3 tbsp of water every day.
jenelisebeth said…
Hmm, I tried planting ranunculus (sp?) too, and they came up alright, and then died. I was pumped because that's what I carried in my wedding bouquet and I had these visions of having ranunculus bloom every season. Pffft.

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