third month

Dear Buns,

My excuse for being a day late this month is that we're all sick.  I thought you were going to escape it but last night you started coughing and had a little congestion.  It didn't make for a great Halloween.

So October.  You've gotten bigger (on the 15th you were 23.25" and 13 lb 9 oz) but it seems like you're already thinning out a tiny bit.  I think your cheeks and thighs may be slightly less chubby.  And you are more alert.  You are generally very happy and kicky and chatty when you're awake.  Until, you know, you get hungry or tired.  But I'd say you're a happy baby.  You still have the best smiles, and the day before you turned 3 months you laughed for the first time.  A real laugh, not a squeal.  You also continue to really enjoy chewing on your hands and fingers.  Haven't found those feet yet, though.  You love looking at faces, including your sister's.

We took our first group pictures with your cousin.  It was fun and eventful.  Those girls like to poke you...  We dressed you kids in A&M gear and headed to the pumpkin patch.

You started daycare this month.  We eased into it the week before I went back to work.  This was an excellent idea.  I'd recommend it to anyone who is able to do it.  You babies don't really care about the transition but this makes it easier on the mamas.  Your teacher is very nice and so far you only have boys in your room.  It's a nice daycare and it should be interesting to see you grow there.  I've already gotten 2 craft projects that you've done (with help, obviously) and there are 2 other projects that the teacher has done for you.  That's probably as much as we got with your sister the entire time she was at the other place.  Sometimes you may get the shaft as the second child (although I'm really trying to not have that happen) but you definitely got the better daycare from the beginning.

Let's see. You still eat well.  You get formula while at daycare.  Mama is still fighting the losing battle when it comes to pumping.  Even with the hospital pump.  At least that makes it slightly less frustrating even though the output isn't better.  Oh, well.  We're doing the best we can and you seem no worse for the wear except for stinkier poops. 

Sadly, still no real improvement with sleeping.  You seem to be doing fine with naps but still wake up to eat at least twice during the night.  Mama had big plans to start working that down to once but life has gotten in the way.  Once we're all well, again, look out. 

We got your paperwork submitted for you to get your first passport.  Daddy and I both took pictures of you and I printed out a cute one.  Fun little vacation shirt, cute expression.  And the woman at the library thought the passport folks would reject it.  So you have this awful one where you look like a convict instead.  Sorry, Buns.  Mama tried.

You had your first holiday this month.  Yesterday, in fact.  Since we have been sending clothes back and forth between our house and your cousins, you had about a week's worth of Halloween outfits to wear.  And then last night I dressed you as a punny gingerbread man.  Mama whipped up your costume in about 10 minutes.  You napped nearly the entire duration of the trick-or-treating so your costume was just for my entertainment.  But I was entertained.  I can't wait till next year when you're running around with your sister.  Hopefully you two can have coordinating costumes.  It may be my only chance.

Well, sweetie boy, that's about it for the month.  It's been busy, as usual, and you're growing older every day.  Last night I was thinking about how I'll never have a newborn again.  I think each of the milestones will be a little more bittersweet this time around.  But I'm enjoying it.  Enjoying being your mama.  Enjoying cuddling you while I can. 


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