two years (the boy edition)

Buddy Bear! Happy birthday! I can't believe my baby is two. I'm not sure how that happened. We've all been very busy; I guess life just sneaks up on you.

So what are you like at 2? Pretty awesome. You still have strawberry blonde hair but it seems very blonde underneath. We're letting you keep it a little long these days. Daddy shockingly said it suits you. I thought he'd want to give you a business haircut as soon as possible. I am taking you and your sister for a trim on Saturday so maybe we'll go slightly more dramatic then. You're still a skinny minny. I think you're going to take after me in build except that you'll have your daddy's long torso. My big head, though. And my long fingers and toes. You wear size 7 shoes and still fit best into 18-month clothes. Your well visit isn't until next week so we'll see how you're doing then. (Yep, you're a little thing--34" (48%) and 25 lb 9 oz (20%). But you seem to be following this pattern where you spurt and then level off and right now you're in a pre-spurt phase so we'll see.)

You are super happy most of the time but you do pitch some fits. You're so smily and laugh a lot and are still quite cuddly and affectionate. You still have your deep voice but sometimes you purposefully make it high. You get along well with your sister. You will spontaneously hug her. You tell me you love me, which is amazing. You are also very excited to see me when I come to pick you up at the end of the day. Or if we've been apart for an hour on the weekend. I like it. That being said, you definitely love Daddy. You probably prefer us pretty evenly these days. You call us Mommy and Daddy even though you did say "Mom" the other day. My heart. It can't take it yet.

You love water and being outside. You're in swimming lessons and you generally seem to have more coordination than your sister currently has. You live for walking Maggie. You really like reading books these days (dinosaur bone!) and have recently taken to cars a bit more. You also like trains, alligators, "dinodoors" (your word for dinosaurs), the iPad, watching a bit of a movie, being pushed in this teeny tiny doll stroller that clearly says it's not for real children... You are ok with getting your nails trimmed but now dislike brushing your teeth (still no 2-year molars but it's increasingly difficult to check for those). We're going to celebrate you tonight (with the grandparents and your aunt) and then the big party is Saturday. It's an alligator party since you love them so.

You're a pretty good eater. You like a lot of sweets--gummies, chocolate, etc. but you're less of a fan of ice cream. And, like Mommy, you prefer the cake to the icing. You eat a lot of meat and like pre-packaged fruit cups, bananas, raisins, breakfast bars, cereal, pancakes. You're not a big vegetable fan and really don't eat many fruits that don't come in cups. Interesting how you and your sister are so different. You use utensils and drink out of real cups, although sometimes we use sippies because you intentionally make messes sometimes.

You're still in diapers but (knock on wood) we're past the diaper fail stage. You have recently shown interest in the potty and even pooped in it once. Seriously? You're probably the only kid in the history of the world who did that in the potty first. Ah, my little Buns. I hope the end is in sight for getting rid of diapers although I think it's just a hope at this point.

You sleep very well these days (more knocking...)--ever since you and your sister started sleeping in the same room. First, you started sleeping in the same bed (at opposite ends). Then we got y'all a bunkbed last weekend. You take the bottom, and y'all have been doing great. You usually wake up too early but I think you've been tuckered out from the long days lately. Rarely do you wake up in the middle of the night these days. One day you will know how happy this can make a person.

It seems like you enjoy school and you love your teachers. You and one little girl really like each other. I like her, too. It's funny how you and your sister both had a little boy/girlfriend in Toddler 2. You moved out of the infant room around the beginning of the year and you'll be here for awhile still. You are learning so much! You can count to maybe 10 now, know some of your colors, know a TON of words. You talk SO MUCH. In sentences. So many people warned me that boys are slower but not you.

We recently went on vacation and you were a champ throughout all the driving and flying and more driving and sleeping in strange places. It's nice that y'all just sleep in a normal bed now. Oh, speaking of, when we got the bunkbed we also took down your crib. So sad.

Well, Buns. It's been a big year. So much mental and verbal and social development. I love seeing you and your sister interact and listen to you two chat before bed. You're such a sweet little boy with such an endearing personality. I can't wait to see you grow up. Scratch that. I totally can; it's already going by much too fast.


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