update #4

It's my birthday, and I gloriously took the day off. It's been awhile since an update but I guess that's because there hasn't been much to say. Annoyingly.

We moved out of the hotel at the end of last month. I weaned myself from the family that week. Hubby came over first to take care of the dogs and for me to let him have a tiny break. Then I sent Buns over because he had to go to daycare the next day while I took Chicken to her 4-year pedi visit. And then I had a night to myself. I was hoping it would be glorious but there ended up being work crises. At least I could handle them without the help of my tiny co-workers.

Being here is great for the kids, I think. They're so familiar with the place and have their own rooms (that they feel really belong to them). And it's super near daycare. Obviously it's bigger than the hotel, and Maggie gets some outside time more easily. It's still just not our own place. But we're happy to have it.

I think I figured out our housing for the rest of the time. Just today. I wasn't having luck with the folks who were supposed to be helping with this. I have to say, though, that she called just minutes ago. After not being that responsive and after I did the work myself. So it goes... Anyway, I think we're going to move into a 2-bedroom apartment that's right across the street from our neighborhood. We're going through corporate housing so all the bills will be included (and they'll even do all that legwork getting the utilities set up), and housewares and furniture will be provided. I think it will be great. We'll be able to keep an eye on the house and the progress there. I will easily be able to run over during the day when I need to. And we'll be able to walk Maggie on our own street. Hopefully the kids will feel more connected to the neighborhood again.

As for the house, we got about 95% of the garage and about 90% of our "trash" belongings piled into a dumpster a few weekends ago. Folks were GREAT help that day and made short work of it. We now have a new, empty dumpster to work with.

Everything is almost settled re: contents I think. Just need one estimate and I think we'll be good. Definitely get replacement cost in your insurance policy. That's my free tip for today.

As for the actual house? Sigh. Still trying to hash out the budget. And we have to get the house plans from the builder for the contractor to use. That had lots of hoops to jump through as well. So if I can just get people to respond to calls and emails...


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