3 years! (the boy edition)

Hey, Buddy!  You're 3!  I can't believe my baby is three.  Sigh.  These days you go by a lot of different names other than your own--Buddy, Buddy Bear, Buns, Jojo, Joj. I think Jojo came from the Power Puff girls' Mojo Jojo.  I'd change it to [your name] Jojo.  And then dropped your name altogether.  Daddy calls you Super Son sometimes. 

So, Jojo, what are you like these days?  Mostly awesome with a little bit of the whole "threenager" thing sprinkled in.  Oh my, speaking of sprinkles I guess I should start with a story from when we went on vacation in the Hill Country a few weeks ago.  You met your first love.  It was so funny; as soon as we got to the campground, we went to the pool.  You quickly found an age-appropriate little girl to woo.  After we changed, we went to the playground.  There you flirted with 3 sisters.  The oldest one (who turned 14 while we were there) is the person you say you're going to marry.  She was very sweet to you and your sister.  She was pale, thin, had the red-haired gene (so I couldn't be too mad at you for loving another) and had freckles.  You asked me where the girl with the dots was.  I knew you meant freckles and told you that was what they were called.  You called them various things--spreckles, sprinkles, and more recently you've taken to frinkles.  So to say you're charming is an understatement. 

What else?  You're still strawberry blonde.  We've stopped letting you have crazy long hair, and that makes you look so much more grown up.  You're still a skinny minny and I think a little short for your age.  We don't have your 3-year appointment until about a week from now so we'll see then.  You wear mostly 2T clothes still but can do 3 in some things.  The one thing that feels above average is your feet.  We got new shoes this week and you went from a 7.5 to a 9.  Huge.  It's the toes.

You are still very cuddly and request cuddles at times. If I'm sitting on the floor you'll come and plop down in my lap.  You're mostly happy but are quick to anger.  And again, quick to recover most times.  Except, you know, when you pitch fits--you can show some stamina then.  Your old teacher calls you Smiley [your name], which suits you.  You seem to love all of us, Mommy and Daddy equally (although when I have to go out of town, you prefer me when I return).  You and your sister get along and generally play well together.  You'll help each other out.  I'm so glad you're a pretty easygoing kid since we've been in close quarters for slightly more than half of your last year due to the Christmas fire.

You love to be busy; you're a pretty active guy.  You enjoy water, being outside, going on walks, playing with Duplos or Lincoln logs, doing puzzles, reading stories, dinosaurs, super heroes, all things transportation, going to HMNS.  You love Tumblebus at school and have taken more swimming lessons this summer.  You had your first karate class (with your sister) yesterday and did well.  I'm glad we'll be able to do one class for the both of you.  You ride your tricycle and I think have tried out the bike a few times.  Daddy got you a scooter today so we'll see if you can get the hang of that.  You do like the iPad and movies but we try to limit those.  We took you to see your first movie in the theater this summer--Home.  And we saw the Minions movie last week.  You did great.  We also took you to see The Music Man at the real theatre since Shapoopi is one of your favorite songs. 

You enjoy school.  You've had quite a few changes there this year but are doing well.  You'll move up into the 3-year-old class in about a month.  I'm looking forward to the changes that that will hold--you'll be even smarter!  No, you're really doing great.  You're so verbal and know so much already.  You tell me your best friend is Tyler.

For your 2-year post I said, "You're a pretty good eater. You like a lot of sweets--gummies, chocolate, etc. but you're less of a fan of ice cream. And, like Mommy, you prefer the cake to the icing. You eat a lot of meat and like pre-packaged fruit cups, bananas, raisins, breakfast bars, cereal, pancakes. You're not a big vegetable fan and really don't eat many fruits that don't come in cups."  You are pretty much still like this.  You love mac and cheese but don't want anything to do with potatoes of any kind.  I still don't understand that.  And you dislike whipped cream.  Wha?!  You do love Gatorade and want to drink my sweet tea when I have it. 

You are totally potty trained.  Woohoo!  I swear, as our house was burning one of the things I thought was "well, now he'll never be potty trained." I knew we'd have so much disruption for awhile.  But your school encouraged you even before I thought you were ready.  You had tons of accidents and then got the hang of it.  Unlike your sister, though, you had some regressions and we had to get you back on track a few times.  But yea!  No diapers!  Even at night.  So great.

Since you and your sister have had to share a room, you're mostly good at going to bed.  The getting ready for bed is sometimes a pain but sometimes it's a race!  And that's fun (unless you're the loser).  You don't mind brushing your teeth anymore.  Once we've read stories and talked of your day, Daddy and I leave.  You and your sister then jibber jabber.  Sometimes for minutes, sometimes for an hour.  Sigh.  But I guess it's better than fighting.  You usually sleep all night (but, oddly, had a bad night last night).  And when y'all wake up, you come in our room and say, "It's the babies!" and climb into bed with us for awhile.  I get to cuddle y'all, and I love it.  I'm very much looking forward to moving back home and into a king bed.

Well, Buns, another year.  Hopefully the next one will be less dramatic in regards to our living situation.  I'm so, so happy to be your Mom (which you call me now--sob).  You're my favorite boy, and I couldn't love you more.


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