or maybe not

While I've thought of some things to write about, I haven't actually taken the time to do so. Instead of consuming all of my time, this may end up like journaling...I have lots of good intentions and little follow through.

You'd think that maybe I'm not writing because I've just started a new job, am going through lots of training but nothing terribly exciting. I haven't traveled (well, traveled like what has become "normal" in the last year) for weeks. But here's the catch 22--once there are things to write about (like crazies in the airport and whatnot) I won't have as much time to write. And, with all the stories you hear about people getting fired over blogs, one needs to be super careful in mentioning anything that has to do with work. And, seriously, my personal life has not been that exciting lately.

Then, on the other hand, I write about personal things or random happenings. What will I have to talk about with actual human beings, like when I'm talking to friends on the phone? A conundrum, I tell ya.


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