twice in one day

So I'm about to send an email to all my peeps out there to let you know about my blog. I was going to explain why I started the blog in said email. However, I figure I might as well tell you about it here.

Where to begin? For those of you who have been around since A&M (or before), you probably know or at least have heard of Joel (or Joela...which is a whole other story in itself). We lived in the same dorm and thus had some of the same friends. Well, sometime in 2004 (Joel could clarify) he and his lovely wife moved to NYC. They started their own website and blogs. I've been religiously reading them ever since. This may be a good time to mention that I've never met Mrs. Joel but I feel like I know her. I like her. She seems to be a good match for her husband (which is good what with them being married and all).

Well, one thing led to another with boredom at work one day and I started reading a blog that Mrs. Joel had linked on her blog (Pigs). I love Pigs. Never met her either. We're about the same age so we have that whole cohort effect going on. And she is (was?) a teacher and I can relate to that, too. So then one day someone mentioned in Pigs' blog that she was reading some other person's blog. That led me to posthipchick. Seriously, I realize at this point I need to check myself into an institution or something. Regardless, I love phc's blog, too. She has the cutest new baby and is a real straight-talker. She mixes in the awe of the new baby with the holy-crap-look-at-this-freaky-stuff-that-comes-with-pregnancy/newborns conversation that I totally appreciate. (Are you people still with me? Were you ever?) So all that led me to blog. Or the short version:

displaced friend + boredom + strangers + almost 2 years = blog

Joel, feel free to pass on the link to the lovely wife and she can pass on to the lovely Pigs, phc... Ensure them that I'm not crazy.


Anonymous said…
Hi Candence,
I'm so glad to see that you have started your own blog. I haven't been to pig's blog lately, but I will definitely come and read yours often! I hope the new job is going good. Look forward to reading all about your personal life! hehe Dawn
Anonymous said…
My first-ever time to read a blog! This looks just like a mass email but in a somehow much more socially acceptable form. Looking forward to all the crazy stories that only you can tell!
Bubba's Sis said…
Adding you to my list of daily reads, cjh; feel free to drop in on my blog too! Sometimes there are some good stories about Bubba on there... ;-)

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