On Saturday I was given a not-so-surprising surprise 30th birthday party. I suppose I’m a fairly skeptical person who pays attention to detail. When you add to this some friends who inadvertently spill the beans…well, you get the picture. What’s funny is that I was still nervous walking through the door even though I knew what was on the other side. Who knows why…

I had quite some time before the actual event to think about who might be there. I anticipated the usual suspects, friends who live in the area and usually get together for various reasons. But I also started thinking about old friends I haven’t seen or talked to in years. Friends near and far who all played a part in my life.

Since I grew up in a small town and knew some of my friends from kindergarten through graduation, I rarely experienced people coming into and then going out of my life. That was one of the big adjustments of college. After awhile, I realized that some people just aren’t meant to be in your life for years and years. Some play their part much more quickly.

During my little trip down memory lane I mostly thought about people I knew in high school and college. What happened to those people with whom I spent so much time? People I couldn’t imagine ever falling out of touch with. Some of these people I don’t mind leaving in the past but others I would like to reconnect with if I can find them. If you’re one of those people and you’re reading this, send me an email.

While I truly appreciate all the hard work that goes into throwing a surprise party (hey, I know, I did it last year), I think the best gift I was given with all this was that it spurred me to mentally reconnect with my past. Hopefully I’ll be able to reconnect in real life, too. And to all my current friends, I’m so glad you’re here now. Take off your shoes and stay awhile.


km said…
Aw what a wonderful post. makes me think, too! thanks!!!
Cheryl said…
When I looked around the room that day, I just got goose bumps...thinking how you have amassed so many friends who care about you. Just goes goes to say, once again, what an incredible person you are!
Katie Lady said…

BTW, I'm with ya on the small-town friends and then feeling weird that I don't talk to college friends anymore. It took me a long time to come to grips with the 'seasonal friends' concept.

Happy B-day to you!
StaceyG said…
YAY! Happy Birthday!
cjh said…
So I ran into someone I graduated high school with on Wednesday. Not someone I was great friends with but a nice guy whom I hadn't seen in awhile... Just thought y'all would like to know.
Bubba's Sis said…
Happy Belated! I SO wanted to come to your party, but it just so happened that was the day we left for Disney. I'm glad you had fun, tho! I was there in spirit!

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