Some odd and ends...
  • To follow up on my gas situation (see #11), my house is apparently very energy inefficient. This should not come as a surprise since it's about 80-ish years old. I've been perusing the net to try to find some solutions. In the meantime, I'm just trying to conserve. My gas bill was down about 25%.

  • Could I possibly be a homeowner? Could I possibly be old? I'm talking about my gas bill. Sheesh...

  • At the bottom of the blog, there is now a quote of the day. This is randomly generated by someone other than me. But so far I like them.

  • The space up there under the title (the subtitle, if you will) is the end of my Happy List (see #91). The next time it changes it will include "little things" that have made me happy over the last few days (weeks?).

  • New poll inspired by this.

  • New quiz inspired by my birthday. Oddly enough, I am Aquarian but am only 53% according to the poll.

  • This week I was called an old maid by another woman.

  • Later the same day I was told "you're too pretty to be single" by a man.

  • Sorry about the last post. I'm allowed one freak out near a milestone birthday, right? And even though this didn't have to do with that, the stuff that led up to it may have a little bit. Anyway, trust that it was a warranted freak out and try not to hold it against me.

  • It's freakin' cold. I know, you Yankees have it worse. I'd be dead up there. On my way home from the greater Dallas area on Wednesday I was caught in a few flurries.

  • Despite the snow flurries, no sweaters were for sale in the town in which I stayed. Being a responsible shopper, I bought two fun, on-sale, short-sleeved shirts instead.

  • Who is ready for some picture posts? I know I am. There's so much that's been going on around the house that I'd like to share/brag about. I will (trying to be realistic here) do my best to make that happen by the end of the month.

  • How 'bout this to keep you warm?


Cheryl said…
so much to comment on!

the "old maid" comment? you should have kicked her in the nads - I mean female nads - ovaries - kicked her somewhere anyway

the gas bill? nope, not old, just more mature (totally different)

the freak out? honey, you're entitled. my god, you have a birthday near valentine's day! every year. you need to think about changing that.

the fire looks great! reminds that this nice long weekend (sure is great to work for the state) will be a great time for the fireplace.
katielady said…
Cool! Did you build it yourself in your own home? There is something very satisfying as a woman to be able to build your own fire. Don't know why, but I always liked doing it myself at my parents house. Made me really feel like I could take care of myself just fine, thank-you-very-much.

Don't worry about the freak out, we're all entitled to one every once in a while. I blame all mine these days on my crazy hormones. And it works.
StaceyG said…
I'm so with ya regarding the weather. Yet, I know that when summer hits in a few days, I will be bitching about the heat. I guess I am unpleasable.

You're only old when you talk about Tupperware by choice. =)
cjh said…
I hate to disappoint, but that isn't my fire. No fireplace here unfortunately.

But! How 'bout the weather today! I've been working in my yard. How fun is that?!
cph said…
i can tell when you stopped adding to the happy list by its contects. i'm amused by that.
cph said…
contents, sorry.
Bubba's Sis said…
I'm only 20% Aquarius, which I guess is appropriate since I'm a LIBRA! :-)

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