They're in the hands of the USPS. Lots of brides on the blogs I read talk about getting the post office to hand cancel the envelopes. Or some of the brides convince the postal workers to let them do it themselves. This allegedly is easier on the envelopes than the normal machine they get put through. Some people have said their envelopes ended up in a machine anyway. I thought I'd at least ask since so many hours went into assembling them but today? When I took them in? I just dropped them off. I'm in a very "f- it" mood, apparently beyond caring that the invitations will likely not make it to their destinations in pristine condition.

I'll share pictures when enough time has passed for people to have received them. You know, after I take new pictures since all of mine are gone. So I guess just to humor me, let me know what yours looks like when you get it. Run over by a truck? Left in a rainstorm? Whatever. I can take it.


klm said…
You know I always have mail issues, but this reminds me of the time when a card some how became lodged between the post person's seat and something else for several weeks. Luckily they found it. It was not just a card, but flat like one. It was in terrible shape by the time I got it. So here is a "good luck" for your little invites. I am sure they will make their trips just fine!
cjh said…
Apparently, they're making it through the mail ok. Yea for that!
StaceyG said…
Yeah, you have to pick your battles. You won't care about this little stuff in a year.

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