you know what's fun?

Trying to get to a mass transit station during a torrential thunderstorm. With street flooding. And having to duck under someone's porch to hopefully let the rain stop only to carry on and find even worse flooding still between you and said station. And strategically using some stranger's parked Vespa to aid in the puddle jumping. And finally just deciding that you'd probably be happier in the long run if you just took off your shoes and socks and waded through the water on the Chicago streets barefooted.

Also, getting to the ballpark to find that there's a rain delay for about another hour even though it has now completely stopped raining.

Trying to get deep-dish pizza--hello, it's Chicago--later that night and the rain starts again. And the restaurant is packed and it didn't matter that you called ahead and all the other folks waiting are crammed inside because, again, it's raining.

So you've made it through the long day. You've gotten wet and dried and wet again. You saw some baseball and some Frank Lloyd Wright architecture and had pizza. You're on the way back to the subway and you get bad poo. And then you get on the subway and feel like you need a potty break again. You get off, you potty. You catch a cab, you stop him so you can break for the potty for yet a third time (in a Vietnamese place which could not smell less appetizing). You finally make it back to the bed and breakfast where, of course, you no longer feel the need to run to the bathroom every five minutes.

Chicago. Good times...

You make it home around noon. You wake up before 5am this morning to get back to the airport for a day trip to Dallas. You get there, get a rental car, get almost to your site and they call to tell you not to come. Huh. Too late. Well, you don't really want to go because they tell you no one will be in the office because the air conditioning went out over the weekend and it is literally 100 degrees in there. At 9am. So just a quick trip to Dallas and back home by noon.

Oddly, not in a terrible mood...

(Also? 47 days till the wedding. Eeek!)


Katie Lady said…
You should have called, we could have had lunch!

Sorry your trip to Chicagoland wasn't all you hoped it to be. What did you think of Wrigley?

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