roller coaster

It was some weekend. Good heavens, people. So, yeah, we knew that May was going to be tough. Work had me running around like the proverbial headless chicken. I thought all that would end two Fridays ago but some deadlines have gotten pushed back to this Friday. That's left some lingering frantic emails and phone calls that have gotten me even further behind. Not terribly unexpected that I have been running just below the threshold of some sort of breakdown.

Even though I was in the office on Friday, it still wasn't starting off well. I can't even remember what problems there were with work... But I was on a conference call that was going on and on and I was multitasking. I won't lie. It wasn't even work-related. I was trying to finish up the map that will be a wedding invitation insert. My not-even-2-year-old Mac just froze. And then would not restart. I tried the few online trouble shooting suggestions and then went to the Apple store. Now, I know you should back up everything you have but for some reason the newness of the computer, the fact that it's a Mac, and that I've never had any problems with it led me to disaster basically. I had nothing backed up unless it was so old that it was on my previous computer. The hard drive was dead. They replaced it (and for free since I luckily got the extended service plan) but were not able to recover anything on my old drive. As of right now, I have lost almost all of the photos I've taken in the last 2 years. Except for two vacations with friends, the pictures published here, and a I few I had emailed to people, I have nothing. Almost all the ones from the entire time I've known The Fiance? Gone. And, of course, that stupid wedding map I spent many hours on.

The Fiance was kind enough to do some research and found a video online that gave us a little hope that maybe we can still recoup the data. We'll see. But that totally pushed me over the edge on Friday. I was just a mess for about 24 hours. Sometimes you need a little time to wallow in the crapiness. So May? You can suck it. Welcome, June.


We did make a lot of wedding progress this weekend. We registered (which was more difficult than I imagined). It's hard for me to ask for things we don't need. Or for things that are pricey. And we worked on that stupid map, addressed all the invitations, and have partially assembled them. Holy moly, I can't believe it's just around the corner...


StaceyG said…
Sounds like you need to take a time-out!
Katie Lady said…
Oh my gosh, you need a day at the spa or something. I'm so sorry, that truly sucks.

Off to back-up my computer now....thanks for the reminder. I hope you can recover some of your stuff. Did they at least give you an inkling as to why this happened?
samantha said…
Oh I would have died. Just up and died. I hope your stuff can be recovered.

Addressing the invites was the most stressful part of the whole ordeal for us. We were thisclose to eloping at that point.

Glad you're in the free and clear! :-)
adc said…
This is why I marred a computer guy. :D Yay me...though I don't think he could have saved all that stuff either. I'm kinda bad on not backing stuff up too. I need to get better about that.

I wish you better luck in June, though in my opinion so far June can suck it. hehe.

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