wedding wednesday: formal portraits

asfter the ceremony, we greeted a few guests before heading outside for some formal portraits. I was so happy that Hubby's grandmother could make the trip to the wedding. She turned 99 in January!

And some old friends I hadn't seen in too long. Even though they've both been married for years, I still yelled out their maiden name when I saw them. Aww, just looking at this picture makes me a little emotional. I wish I could have visited more with these lovely ladies during the reception. Stretched too thin...

Some traditional formals with his family and mine.

And a few more shots with our bridal party. This time we could mix the ladies with the men. I love this first one. Our photographer had always wanted to get a shot with the guys holding the bouquets and the ladies wearing their ties. Fun!

There are two similar shots like this one but I like this one in particular because the Best Man (back left) has his sneaky smirk going on. And one groomsman (back right) and his wife just had their first baby last week! A super cute little boy.

All my girls look so entertained in this one. Hubby doesn't look like he knows what to do with all those ladies at once. He's so cute.

And, finally, we got a little alone time as a couple. You know, in front of the camera. My now trademark hip pop pose.

The candid shot that preceded the posed shot. I like this one better. It's the one I enlarged, framed, and hung in our stairs.

And then we were off to the reception!

I'm not sure what's next. Maybe reception details and DIY projects in action.
(All pics courtesy of Monique Montoya.)


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