heels dug in

There's been so much change lately that I'm refusing to switch to the new version of blogging. I may be the last one to do it...

Other than that, I've been busy with Christmas and moving (still). I think I'm now about 95% moved in. Tonight is my first night to sleep here. Wish me luck.

I'll write more soon about the goings on and my reactions to it all. For now, though, I feel the call of the unpacked boxes. Hope y'all had a great holiday!


Anonymous said…
You'll love the new version, but you're right - it's a change!! Glad to hear everything's settling down.
Anonymous said…
i hope your first night went well -- looking forward to seeing you and the house!
I haven't switched to the "new version" either - I'm doing good to figure THIS version out! :P

Hope you're feeling better!
Editor in Chief said…
I'm still on the old version, too. Haven't felt the need to switch.

Hope the first night went great!
Anonymous said…
The fun thing about all those boxes is trying to decide what to do with them after unpacking.

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