it's the most busiest time of the year...

First, I know..."most busiest." This is both to emphasize just how busy and to fit with the appropriate number of syllables for the song.

Who thought the Christmas season was a good time to buy a house? November was my worst travel month since April (which was my worst month ever). It worked out ok that I was able to do the in-person house-buying things while I was in town for a day or two. But my personal "to do" list is once again a mile long. On Saturday you don't really get going until the afternoon and on Sunday not everything is open. Would someone like to take my car in for an oil change? We could peel off that little corner windshield sticker in advance so you don't get berated for how long it's been. Anyone? How about going to the post office? Like that chore isn't always horrible let's throw in the holiday season. Anyone want to be a personal shopper for hard-to-buy for friends? Or take my computer in to get fixed (yep, still haven't done that)? Or shop for a new cellphone since the one I have lasts about 17 1/2 minutes per charge and then gives no warning before giving up completely?

Or pack boxes? Yeah, I've done zero packing. However, the upside to that is that lots of my things are in storage (meaning pre-boxed). The rest of my things have no due date to leave. That definitely helps. And as it's looking now, I may be officing at my brother's house for awhile after the move. I will, however, have electricity and water on Friday. Gas is up in the air. I'm trying to get cable/internet that next weekend and I haven't even called the phone people. Oh, and I haven't notified my job that I'm moving. That's probably a big one.

And speaking of my job, there's a whole other list there. I'm so behind on things I need to do when not traveling. The post office is on that list, too. And buying a few supplies. And maybe preparing for this week's trip before I leave around, oh, 12:30 today. No rush...

So what am I doing? Blogging. Is that on any list? Of course not. I just wanted to tell you all in advance that I'll probably be out-of-pocket a few days. I am still allegedly closing on Friday. Maybe after I get a few things in there you can all come over. There will be a $5 cover payable in Home Depot gift cards.


Anonymous said…
I feel your pain. Everyone on my list knows that this year they will get a gift card. Though they probably got that last year, too.

I thought we were pretty well moved in, but I still can't find important things - like the necessary cables to hook up things...and food. Yeah, that one's annoying.
katielady said…
I'm so excited for you! Save the shopping for post-move....everyone will understand.

As an avid list-maker myself, you gotta prioritize, girl!
Anonymous said…
My list has gotten so long at school that I don't know where to start so usually I just sit and stare at the list trying to figure out what I should do first.

My oil light is flashing too so I could change yours and mine this weekend.

Creechman said…
"Gas is up in the air."

You kill me.

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