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So what's more fun than moving around Christmastime? Getting sick while all that's happening. I got whatever virus is going around. I blame traveling. I think I'm feeling better today but am drowsy from medication.

Just one more quick 2-day trip to the Big D before I get a 2-week travel break.

And I'm posting from home. Yea for internet access! I'm about 75% moved in (meaning boxes everywhere--props to the friends and fam who helped). I have all the necessary utilities except phone. Please, God, let them come soon. I'm trapped here with only cookies and Cheez-Its to sustain me until AT&T comes.

Am I the only one not finished with Christmas shopping?


Bubba's Sis said…
I'm almost finished shopping....just a few more little items to pick up....

Glad you are getting all moved in! Can't wait to see the place! But,um, get well first, K?
creechman said…
This is the stage where you just push boxes around, wondering what to do with them.
cheryl said…
I'm sure things are hectic right now. Hang in there and imagine how wonderful it will be in a few short weeks. Happy thoughts.
Anonymous said…
I need stocking stuffers. I guess that means I am not done.

I hope you feel better soon!
Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas, cjh!

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