nothing on tuesday

Check out Bubba's Sis' blog for the 10 on Tuesday. I've got nothin' this week due to my much publicized computer ailments. Maybe one day I'll revisit the topic.

The whirlwind that is work continues so I don't have much in me today. I did run across this anonymous quote and thought I'd share:

"You are younger today than you ever will be again. Make use of it for the sake of tomorrow."

Back in the day when a few of us were doing a weekly yoga class I heard a little story that I've carried along with me since. One of the guy's mentioned that he had a co-worker (or friend, I can't remember now) who was thinking about going back to college but was hesitant because she'd be something like 50 when she finished. The guy said, "You'll be 50 anyway." Touche.


StaceyG said…
So true...Margie was 50 or 51 when she graduated! I always admired her for that.

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