Is it me or is it actually not humid here today?! Could this be the beginning of fall?

I've realized that my summer is just coming later. Remember how all we had was rain during the weeks that we should have been able to play outside? Now we should be in sweaters but could instead play outside? Over the next two weekends I'll be in Orlando and South Padre. Yea for summer, delayed though it may be.

The Boy is now officially The Boyfriend. Did you squeal just a little right then? Me, too.

And? And! I just found out I passed my certification exam! Woohoo!


Patois said…
I think mine sounded more like a squeak. Happy dance for you!
Bubba's Mom said…
Congratulations girlfriend!! I don't know exactly when the "boy" becomes a "boyfriend" but I am absolutely happy for you. Don't worry about anything for a while. Just enjoy this brand new love.
Anonymous said…
So I took the poll and this is waht I got:

You are not scary

Everyone likes you. Isn't that sweet?

They obviously did not poll my students.

the brother
Katie Lady said…
Um, does the Boyfriend read this blog? Does he know about it? :)

Yay for extended summer! For you, not for me. Me, I'm missing Fall in New York. Badly.

'I love New York in the Fall. It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.'
Bubba's Sis said…
I DID squeal! SO happy for you!
cjh said…
I know, katie lady. I miss Fall, too. I'm just trying to go with the glass half-full thing. And The Boyfriend knows about the blog but isn't yet reading it.
Eddie said…
Yaaaaay for boyfriend! And passing the exam! And South Padre! Life is good, no? :-)
samantha Jo Campen said…
Double score! Congrats on being 'an item'!

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