and we're off. again.

Leaving for California today. The Hubby is returning the favor of one of his groomsmen. The up side is that I had nothing to do with this wedding and I'm pretty sure I'll just be a guest. Would I prefer for it to be a local wedding? Or for it to be maybe next weekend? Yep, but what can you do... I suppose all the little house projects and the garage sale prep and the putting away of Hubby's stuff can wait till we get back. Since his schedule will be filled with groomsmen activities, I may just lounge on the beach. Or shop. I'm sure I can fill my time somehow.

And did I mention that we got our wedding pics back? I can't share all of them on here until we get the rights to them at the end of the year but there can be a few more sneak peeks.


Patois42 said…
That is such a gorgeous picture. Breathtaking.

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