what's been goin' on

Domesticity. You know, in between bouts of travel. I've only been home since about midnight on Friday and am leaving around lunchtime today. And I had to work over the weekend. But I also got a lot done around the house. It's starting to look a little, um, less lived in. Woohoo. Here are some recent projects.

The Hubby's roadside find from years ago has been repainted (in only a slightly new color but it's no longer shiny and has flowers!) and now the guest bed has a real nightstand:

Speaking of the guest bedroom, it is now sporting new linens. I've always wanted them to be all white:

I made cobbler (peach and raspberry from here) in an awesome green Fiesta pie plate that looked better in person:

There are a few signs that The Husband now lives here (the beginnings of his family's wall in the hallway):

And the shelf in the living room has a little wedding area:

That's it for now. Next up? Eye doctor. Then a long drive.


Anonymous said…
as always, you're so industrious! all of it looks great!

Maria Christina said…
I enjoyed visiting your blog. Thanks for sharing =)

Patois said…
Ahhhhh. I love that domestic look you've got throughout.
nora said…
love the picture on the nightstand. I can't wait to stay in the guest room. (hint, hint, need invitation)

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