angel stadium at anaheim

In addition to getting to hang out in Redondo Beach this weekend and attend a wedding in Palos Verdes, we caught an Angel game before heading back home. It still amazes me how many baseball teams California has--and in such close proximity to one another. The Angels fans are pleasant enough. They enjoy the wave and throwing around beach balls and balloons.

We had heard that they have good food there. They do have a lot of restaurants represented (like we do at home). We ended up having garlic-parmesan fries (pretty good).

We had seats in the 200 level, 3rd base side, covered because I had already gotten too much sun the day before. The weather was great, however, and it would have been nice to take in some sun after rainy Ireland but the shade was more responsible. One neat feature of the ballpark is the waterfall. Oh, yeah. And the giant A outside. Other than that, just a nice normal ballpark.

It was kids' day and they represented. One fun thing was that some kids had gotten selected to do things like throw out the first pitch, be a guest announcer, work a camera, or help the grounds crew. It was fun (especially the enthusiastic guest announcer--a girl!).

The Angels played the White Sox and won 3-2. This was my 5th ballpark that was unrelated to the Astros. So far when I'm in attendance the home team wins 80% of the time. Think I could capitalize on that somehow?


Jenn said…
I'm a total sucker for fries, but especially garlic fries! YUM!

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