we fit, yo

We're not the typical couple. Even though folks are marrying older these days, we're still above average. We've lived with roommates and on our own. We've had time to inherit things from other households. We've had real jobs for years and if we needed something we could afford to buy it. This makes registering for wedding gifts a difficult task.

What did we do? Registered for some things we needed, some upgrade items, and lots of fun things. Last night we used two of these. We did our first round of the 30 Day Shred. Holy moly. That you can feel that way in a mere 20-ish minutes? That's got to be good. Then, since we were still alive (and by "we" I mean me as The Hubby is obviously way more fit), we set up the Wii Fit.

It was fun to see our little Miis dressed up in their workout clothes. You have to enter your height and DOB and they calculate your weight and BMI. Then they test your posture and balance and stuff to give you your Wii Fit age. Ok, so I misunderstood the directions. Twice. After the third round of testing, my age went from 51 to 52 to a much more respectable 37. For the first time, I'm older than The Husband. I told him I was enjoying being a cougar...

Both are good programs. They seem pretty enjoyable and are much more fun with a partner. We'll see how long we can keep it up.


Katie Lady said…
I started Shredding back a few weeks ago, and yes, it is an ass-kicker. No other way to say it.

I had to stop 2 weeks ago due to swollen ankles, and I haven't picked it back up again. Will probably wait until after Chicago so that I don't re-injure my ankles and have Joel B mad at me for not being able to walk around the City without lots of complaining. I pick my battles.
Anonymous said…
I hear people talking about the Wii fit all the time and how "old" they are are. They also talk about how it says things like "where have you been" if you don't do it often enough or "what have you been eating" if you gain weight.

The Brother
cjm said…
As we've only done it two days (in a row) we've only received praise. Except when you step on the board before you're supposed to...you get told to "step off." And we could swear it groans sometimes when you step on.

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