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Things are busy and crazy and ever-changing. Weren't things supposed to settle down after the wedding planning was over? Wasn't I supposed to have free time?

Let's recap, shall we? Since we got married I've thrown a baby shower, gone on the fabulous honeymoon, traveled to California for another wedding, traveled to Vegas and San Antonio for several days for work, gotten my hair cut (bangs!), changed my name, had 2 doctor appointments, had huge job changes, and had one job interview. The Husband also moved in; we went through every possession we each owned to see what we should keep, sell, toss; and prepped for a garage sale.

In the next two weeks, I have 3 more doctor appointments and one of my best friends is giving birth. And if things look good with the potential new job, I'll have to fly out for a face-to-face interview. Can we say crazy?

Granted, many of these things are positive. Baby/baby shower? Good. Honeymoon and other traveling? Mostly good. Potential new job? So far so good. Marriage/living together? A big transition but good. My eye health? Good. Other doctors appointments and changes in the current job? Stressful. Garage sale? Will be so glad when it's over. And the name change thing has been very challenging thus far (but glad that it means I'm married).

Speaking of name change... It's not freaking me out so much to see the new last name behind my first. It is weird to sign a new name and to not be able to effortlessly introduce myself to people. The thing that freaks me out the most is seeing "Mrs. cjm." Woah. I think that means I'm an old person. :) A very scattered, busy, overworked, neglectful-of-friends old person as it turns out.


Claire said…
Hang in there! These are life's little blessings =)
Katie Lady said…
New job? That you fly out for? To where? Do tell!
Patois said…
Good luck on the new job!

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