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Seems like the blogging is falling by it...

On Friday I had to do real work and then try to finish getting ready for the garage sale. On Saturday we woke up early to set things out and finish pricing random items. It was a pretty good day weather-wise and we had a lot of traffic. Got rid of a lot of things and made a little money. I put up some of the remaining items on Craig's List and have gotten several responses so no official income tally quite yet. We're donating the rest.

A few garage sale tips? You should advertise at least a little. I don't think you need them to start obscenely early like they did when I was a kid. We started at 8 but probably didn't have people show up until about 8:30. (Which was fine since we didn't even have everything put out yet.) Price things to get rid of them. If you're pricing something too high, maybe you secretly want to keep it. And if you're going through all your belongings and cramming them into boxes before cramming those boxes into your overstuffed garage? You might as well price things as you go along. Why I didn't do that is beyond me...

Very glad that is over. Hopefully we'll get the leftovers out of the garage this week and can then organize what's left. You know, the stuff that actually belongs in the garage. And maybe I'll do a little yardwork this weekend. The weather promises perfection and The Hubby is leaving town.

Yesterday, we mercifully vegged all day. A little TV, a little reading, a little internet, a little Wii. Good times.

Update to last week's post? The birth giving actually happened and my friends are now parents to a ridiculously cute baby girl. I sneakily accessorized the baby's room while they were all at the hospital. Perhaps I needed some crafting. I won't claim it was selfless. As for me? One doctor appointment down (no problems), one to go (follow-up from 6-ish months ago), and one cancelled (condition resolved). Things are looking up there. Obviously garage sale craziness is off my plate. And I'm in the middle of trying to pin down a date for the second interview for this potential new job. Perhaps early next week. More on that later (if anything comes of it). And I finally made it through that stupid snowboarding game on the Wii.

Basically, things are better. I'm trying to remain Zen as much as possible. So tell me, what do you do to at least try to stay Zen while the crazy is swirling about you?


Katie Lady said…
vodka tonics. :)
Anonymous said…
really, the hubby is out of town this weekend? so is the wife, I guess it is just the sibs again

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