what happens when you go a week without posting


Remember when I said there was a potential new job? Got the second interview but didn't get the job. Was it the perfect job for me? Probably not. I guess the current overwhelm with work led me to try to find a way out that was different from actually just tackling all the work that had been piling up. So this last week I finally got to the point where I could suck it up and just DO THINGS to help me feel better. Mark some things off lists. Get organized. File a few piles that were on the desk. I got over some pretty big hurdles but have at least one big item to finish. Overall? Feeling a bit better in this area.

I heard somewhere that only boring people talk about the weather. I disagree. Perhaps you're boring if that's ALL you talk about. I must say the change of seasons is my favorite time. Fall has been interesting so far. Some torrential rains, several days where you need to run the heat and air conditioning in the same day (we're sticking with doing neither). Some great cool, low humidity days where yard work has been accomplished. Visible progress...I like it.

Since I've been home more, I've also been able to do a little more cooking and baking. That has been nicer than expected. We've enjoyed some good meals and had family over last Sunday for some comfort food. If anyone has any tips on making a pot roast super tender, I'd like to hear them. I did tweak the recipe and was pleased with the flavor. Also? Loving a newish peach cobbler recipe.

Other things I'm loving? Grape Gatorade. And dresses on this website. Ok, well some are a little crazy but others are ridiculously fabulous.

The Husband and I had date night last night. We've been trying to do it for awhile and finally made it! We saw Where the Wild Things Are and then had some Mexican food. Good times. The movie was interesting to watch and think about. I'm so glad the costumes didn't look crazy. Made for some good conversation at dinner.

I guess that's about all that's been going on. I'm not sure why I haven't been posting more regularly. I think blogging (in general) is being killed by Twitter and Facebook. This makes me sad.


Patois42 said…
Glad you're feeling better about work.

Sad, too, if you're right that Facebook and Twitter is killing blogging.
Katie Lady said…
On the pot roast:

I buy ONLY a chuck roast. Makes a HUGE difference. And the more marbled fat in there, the better.

I cook it on low for AT LEAST 8 hours in my crock pot. 4 hours on high doesn't do it nearly as good. If you don't have a crock pot, shame on me for not getting you one for a wedding present!

Season it up well, pour water over it to about half-way up the sides, and cook 8+ hours. That's all I do, and Bubba loves it.

oh, and Pioneer Woman as a wicked recipe that Bubba's Sis has used as well, but I don't like my oven to be on that long and that high. Plus, the slow-cooker permeates your house all day with a lovely meaty smell.
cjm said…
Ooooh, thanks for the info. I'll have to try that. Yes, because we could only meet for lunch I had to do a quicker cooking than normal.
StaceyG said…
You have ruined me with the dress link!!

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