spring! it's sprung!

Annuals are planted on the porch. Hanging baskets have returned. Some plants that are in the ground are actually coming back to life. There are flowers! The garden is getting planted. Tiny pea seeds are popping up. Squirrels (and birds) are being fed. The lime tree has survived! Blackberries have been planted. The lavendar's back! There's a peach tree! Most exciting of all is that there has been progress on the back sidewalk project. If it ever gets finished, it will deserve a post of its own. Yea! Spring!


Spring is showing itself up here too! Not as much as down by you but it is still peeking out for us to see!!!!
Katie Lady said…
I'm jealous! Your yard looks lovely. Mine is in serious dire straights. No time and not good weather to attend to it. Afraid I may not have a garden this year. Probably best with a new baby, though.

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