wedding wednesday: it's time!

Finally, it was time for the girls to make their way down the aisle. During wedding planning, I found a lot of really great musicians while searching to create the right mood. One of them was Patty Griffin. I lurve this song:

Le sigh... Again, since you've seen lovely pictures of them already, I'll skip it. But I can't resist one.

Some people don't like having children at their wedding let alone in their wedding. I say go for it. I'm glad Flower Girl E wasn't a toddler, though. That can be super cute but a little distracting. E did a great job. Old enough to make it down the aisle and through the ceremony without crying or causing a scene. And just look at how everyone else is smiling.

As for me, no crying or causing a scene either. I guess I was in productive mode right up at the end. I think once everyone else had gone down the aisle (somewhere around the 2:00-2:20 mark in the music), I was standing there with just The Brother, singing the words, and got a little overwhelmed. Had to do that fan-yourself-in-the-face thing to regain composure (while The Brother told me that it was ok). And that was it. I was done with tears. I had been worried that I'd just be a sobbing mess for the entire ceremony but I wasn't. Whew.

What was my soon-to-be husband doing the entire time the girls were walking out? This:

So many people told me afterwards that he just stood there grinning. That makes me happy. He told me later that he was standing there thinking I must not be doing well since none of the girls were smiling (some where but they were nervous). And he also kept thinking I'd be the next girl out. Nope. Nope. Nope, nope, nope. And then he forgot about the Flower Girl.

Finally (2:53 in the music--hey, these things are important), it was me.

I noticed several people in the crowd. It was so good to see some people I hadn't seen in quite awhile. And so many who had traveled to be there. The one thing I couldn't do right away was look at the groom. I thought I'd lose it. But, again, I was fine. It was nice to see him after being apart since the night before.
And then The Brother gave me away.

Well, not really. It would take more than a handshake and a few words to get rid of me. Can I add here that one thing I love about the man who married us is that he looks genuinely happy in the pictures. So cute.

And we were ready to commit our lives to one another. Wow, that's some heavy stuff.

Up next? Our fabulous readings.

(All pics by the super-talented Monique Montoya.)


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