week 21

Total weight gain: Fortunately, the large weight gain hasn't become a trend. Back to the one pound increase (bringing us to about 15...).

Movement: Daily flutterings. Usually more than once a day. I do like the constant reminder that there's someone in there but I'm looking forward to movements that outsiders can feel, too. (I know. I'll be wishing these days were back once bebe is keeping me awake with punching and kicking.)

Cravings: Finally got the Paula Deen Hashbrown Casserole. Praise tiny baby (southern) Jesus. Have also been craving the sweet tea. And fruit.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams and baby brain continue. Forgetfulness. You know, these dreams aren't just crazy. They seem to also be non-stop. That makes me a little nuts because it doesn't feel like I'm getting rest since I'm so busy while sleeping. I've also been tired (between the dreaming and the working). And I've had the feeling of side stitches a few times but it's not like I'm jogging when I get them. Posture seems even more important the bigger I get.

Belly button: No change.

Preparations: I've made tons of quilt progress. And I picked the world's wettest day (or actually the day before the wettest day) to paint some picture frames (outdoors, with good ventilation). They all still need another coat. Perhaps this weekend. And I found and purchased a rug. Finally! It's super cute and luckily matches the other colors pretty well (ordered it online so I was taking a bit of a chance there). I can't wait to see the room come together. Went to Target yesterday and added some things to the registry. There are some cute gender-neutral things. Promise.

Milestones: I believe it is obvious to people that I'm pregnant. Co-workers and strangers alike have commented this week. Just yesterday I had someone jokingly say "are you getting fat?" and another point at my belly and ask "is that a baby?" I've been wanting to deny it to tease people but I can't when put on the spot. Also, I feel bad for folks who take even longer to show. Somehow it seems a little more real when it's a visible condition.

Weekly wisdom: I say whatever you're feeling about the pregnancy at any given time is fine. Happy today? Freaked out five minutes later? Not really thinking it's real (despite all evidence to the contrary)? Eh, it's a huge life change (not to mention hormonal roller coaster). And don't they say change is good? ("They" obviously not being husbands.)

No pics this week as I'm lazy. Monday starts my super crazy travel blitz where I'm home only one day (including the weekend) and gone 10. I'll be in Miami, Dallas, San Diego and Dallas again before coming home. I've already booked a massage and a facial as a reward for surviving all that.

(Banana courtesy of thebump.com)


Patois42 said…
"No pics this week as I'm lazy" is hilarious. Lazy? You? I don't think so. Be well.

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