week 33

On to the (world's palest) honeydew!

Total weight gain: About 25 pounds. So this is about a pound more than last week but let me tell ya...I feel like I've gained even more this week. And whatever weight that was gained went straight to the baby's muscles.

Movement: Still very active. Still prefers my right side. But now it seems like he or she is trying to push his or her way out through my belly. Or is standing up to simultaneously press on my bladder and into my ribs. Movements are bigger, often uncomfortable, and occasionally painful.

Cravings: Sweet tea. And someone mentioned Oreos and I wanted to punch them because it was about an hour before bed and I was at a hotel without any cookies whatsoever. I did have two Oreos today, though. For the record and if you're concerned, I do eat more than sugar and I don't always give in to cravings if they aren't healthy.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night, more frequent crazy back pain, more frequent hip pain from sleeping on my side, good hair, some pressure from baby settling or ligament pain (this is increasing), general feeling of uncomfortable-ness is getting more frequent, more daytime pottying, Braxton Hicks. This week was my first week of feeling pretty uncomfortable. Had at least 3 baby-related dreams this week. In one, I had twins (I'm guessing because I'm feeling a little crowded these days). One baby was a blond-haired boy named James and the other was a red-haired girl named Georgia. They were cute. That is all.

Belly button: Still in.

Preparations: I was gone almost all week but last Sunday I did start painting the dresser. After sanding and filling some spots, it got two coats of primer. Now just regular paint left. Woohoo! I'm still feeling the pressure to finish this stuff up pretty soon. And pressure to find a pediatrician. And day care. And, and, and...

Milestones: I know I have 7-ish weeks left, but I had a moment on Tuesday where I felt like I understood for the first time how women get to the point where labor seems less scary because they just want the baby out. I know; it's not a pretty milestone.

Weekly wisdom: This week? Very hard week for me emotionally and somewhat harder physically. I hadn't traveled much or flown at all in the previous three weeks. Those three weeks apparently made a huge difference. My schedule included two different cities over 4 days with 3 flights. I was dreading Monday but by Tuesday night? When I arrived in city #2 after flight #2? I was done. I had planned on one more week of flying but I put myself on restricted travel. Work can just figure out how to manage without me (you know, to some degree since I'm still traveling by car and still, uh, working). I guess the wisdom is to just listen to your body. Mine was done traveling a week and a half before I planned and 3+ weeks before travel restrictions would have been forced upon me. Ooh, also? A friend's sister had her baby this week. Her due date was about 2 weeks after mine. If that doesn't freak you out and light a fire under you... As long as this poking, jabbing baby wants to stay in, I'm going to try to appreciate it.


angelq said…
I had irrational fears of twins with Lucy because I felt like she grew faster than Ainsley.
You look so cute!!! You're carrying low just like me. I'm guessing girl. :)

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