week 35

Holy shish...Week 35! I'm hoping it's the last week of the honeydew. But then that means we'd be on to the last fruit. Period. Yikes.

Total weight gain: This morning I seem to be down about a pound so back to 25. Interesting.

Movement: Same ol', same ol... Still very active and movements continue to be bigger, sometimes uncomfortable, and occasionally painful.

Cravings: Ooh, I wanted Freebirds this week. Got it last night. Yum!

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night, more frequent crazy back pain, slightly less frequent hip pain from sleeping on my side, good hair, some pressure from baby settling and ligament pain (this seems a tad better this week), general feeling of uncomfortable-ness is getting more frequent, more daytime pottying, Braxton Hicks (a more reasonable amount). I can't remember if there have been any baby-related dreams this week. One quick note that I'll mention this once and then go back to ignoring. When pregnant, the digestive system is very, uh, active. I'm like a man. That is all.

Belly button: Still in (with 5 weeks to go!!!).

Preparations: Still haven't gotten to that last coat of paint on the dresser. I'm off of work starting Wednesday so hopefully I'll make lots of progress. Mostly preparations are Christmas related... We both have baby names lists, though. So we'll have to continue narrowing them down. This is going to be quite a task.

Milestones: I can't think of any. Oh, maybe that I had my last out-of-town trip for work this week? Yeehaw!

Weekly wisdom: Hmm... One thing I've been thinking about is how I hope to treat pregnant women in the future. In addition to things I've already mentioned (like not criticizing their choices or their appearance), I hope to actually help them out. Baby them a little, if you will. I know being pregnant doesn't mean you're disabled. And goodness knows I'm independent. But it seems like even independent folks get tired and don't mind being treated at least a little special. And I know that in 5 weeks I'll be old news and all the focus will be on the baby (which is fine). I'd just like to appreciate the time that's left and remember to help make future pregnant ladies have a good 3rd trimester, too.


Ohhhh, losing weight?!?!?! I did that about two weeks before each boy was born. Hunter was full term and Evan was 3 weeks early. How exciting!!! You are almost there and will soon be holding your little miracle in your arms. Very happy for you!
Three Peas said…
Holy poop!!! I can't believe how fast time is going...yea for no more out of town trips!!!

As for the male diegestive system, I've been spared that so far (or I should say my husband has), but I do notice I burp a whole lot more now.

Can't wait to see Bebe!!!

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