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Let's get the obligatory house update out of the way. The inspector came on Friday. Nothing major. There were two things we requested the owners fix and they said ok. The termite guy came today and no little pests living in the wood. He recommended preventative treatment (who wouldn't?) and also said he could collect the numerous feral outdoor cats living at the house. (Can you have indoor feral cats? That would really be scary.) So the next step is the appraisal. I hope it appraises for a little less and that the owner has to go down on the price. Our (meaning my agent and me) requests thus far have been called "reasonable" so hopefully they just want to get out of the house whatever the cost.

The weekend was good. Got to visit two (count 'em, two) scrapbooking stores. Now, I'm not a huge fan of scrapbooking. I've made one in my life. I do love making cards and that lets me make use of the fun scrapbooking stuff. Well, at one of the stores I found a new technique to use. Fun! Now I just need to finalize the design for this year's Christmas card...

Then on Sunday my brother, his girlfriend, and I went to check out good ol' Ben. It was a really good exhibit. I had only been to HMNS a few times before this year. I've gone four times in the last few months. It's a cool place. When we were driving by MFAH I realized that it had been quite some time since I had been there. I was jonesin' for some fine arts.

So, yeah, a good weekend. On Monday I flew to OKC and don't come home until Thursday. This was a new site to visit and it was just ok. They were nice enough to buy lunch yesterday, though. That's always a plus. And it makes me feel like it's ok to spend more on dinner what with getting the same amount of per diem regardless of what I spend throughout the day. So I had a nice dinner with wine and pie. The pie...not so good. How sad... I got bumped up to a nicer room at the hotel. King Spa Suite. Sweet indeed. Whirlpool tub. I whirled in the pool. Super relaxing evening. I did no work. Oh, but I did help a guy win a bet at the hotel bar.

Today I got finished with work early, bought a sweater (there is a possibility of snow flurries in the early morning--in Oklahoma), and went here. Yea for gettin' my fix. The museum itself is ok. They had a Monet. And there was the Egyptian exhibit. I got to stand in front of this fantastic 4,600-year-old carving. That is unbelievable. And there was glass by this guy, Dale Chihuly. Amazing. How could no one have ever broken any of that stuff? (They haven't; I asked.) Even though I appreciated the art I saw here, it really made me appreciate H-town even more.

I wrapped up the evening with some DWTS. Emmitt vs. Mario. We'll have to wait till tomorrow to know... And I had some good pie. It's been a good day. Tonight the weather is nuts. We have a Wind Warning here. Gusts up to 60mph. The news is saying "the wind is now passing over blah blah blah" just like our guys talk about rain moving through. Windy here but like the oh-so-polite Oklahoman told me the last time I was here, "It is Oklahoma."


Anonymous said…
That pic is gorgeous- looks like the ceiling in the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

I'm jonesin' to see the Ben exhibit myself.
cheryl said…
I've always been a fan of ole Ben. Not only a great inventor and diplomat, but also quite the Romeo wasn't he? Got to admire that in a man who wore tights.
katielady said…
I thought it looked like the Belagio, too! I love beautiful glass like that.
cjh said…
I've never been to the Bellagio but you people are pretty smart. Same guy did that ceiling.
Bubba said…
We have a Monet in our bedroom
Bubba's Mom said…
OK, I don't have anything fancy hanging in my house - but I do want to know which scrapbooking stores you went to.

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