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If I'm really only supposed to post about house stuff once per week (per my self-imposed restriction), I don't think I'll be able to post anything until Monday. It is an all-consuming, stressful, exciting, wake-you-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night, splitting-headache-inducing whirlwind of, um, fun?

If you ownded a home very near the coast, do you think you would have some degree of worry in the back of your mind all through hurricane season?

If (sticking with starting all paragraphs with the same word) you had a choice, would you pick what seemed like your dream home over other so-so homes if you knew it would make money slightly tighter in the short-run?


You will always have that hurricane worry in the back of your head - but hey, it goes with living here. That's why we have insurance!

And yes, I would pick my dream home even if it made money a little tighter. You would always regret "settling" for a so-so house.
cph said…
Yes, we will always have hurricanes, tornado's ect. About the dream home, which is more important to you, living in your dream home, or not feeling financially tight? How long do you want to live in the first home you purchase?
StaceyG said…
I try not to worry about the "what-ifs" like hurricanes. It kinda spoils the "what is"s.

Dream home over possible financial tightness. You can get a raise in the future, but if you miss out on your home, you're hosed.
Anonymous said…
I agree with tigger. The payments will get easier - assuming your salary will increase. So it's okay if things are a little tight for the first year...or two. These things always have a way of working themselves out.
Cheryl said…
I have to go with the gang here. Dream home if you can possibly swing it. If you're really worried about hurricanes, leave southeast Texas. No, really, don't leave. What would we do without you. But you get the point. And if you leave here, you'll still have the occasional tornado, earthquake, tsunami, etc. to worry about.

The idea that Seabrook floods quite often does have me a bit concerned. But you've been living there a few years now. So you know better than anyone if that should be a concern.

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