i apologize

...to all my friends whom I have been ignoring. Especially the calls I need to return. November is a crappy travel month. And add on all the stuff with buying a house. I will try to call some of you back tonight (but it is Dancing with the Stars finale night so I make no promises) and hopefully send some emails. And maybe post for real. I could tell you that it is cold in Oklahoma and getting colder as the week goes on. Tomorrow? Highs in the 40s and wind chill in the teens. That's nuts. Ok, I better get going. Must get to work at some point this morning.


km said…
apology accepted :)

and oh my cold weather! what is that? I am not sure I remember any more? I have decided that E does not really understand what cold weather is or at least cannot remember any. Just this past weekend she asked if she could go swimming. It sorta took me off guard. It is November and she knows that Christmas is just around the corner, but yet swimming was on her mind. Oh well...I guess in due time she will understand what fall & winter should really be like and associate it with chilly air, frigid coldness and Christmas.
Jonathon said…
Ugh. Buying a house. We almost stepped into that world a few months ago, but quickly discovered you need some SERIOUS time to get into that, and we couldn't hack it.

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