context clues

"Overheard in the Doctor's Waiting Room" or "How to Tell a Man is Gay"

Man 1: Isn't that just like the first settee you recovered?
Man 2: Yes.

Before I get hate mail, see #82.

Happy Friday.


Now THAT is an awesome observation.

I hope you find a Will. I want one too, ever since I was My Best Friend's Wedding--and if it's Rupert Everett that would be even better.
creechman said…
With the recent turn of events in Congress, I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more along these lines in general news... :;
Creechman said…
PS. There was a whole scene on the subject of "how to tell if a guy is gay" in "The 40 year-old Virgin." It was hilarious.

PPS. Tigger's trying to set us up.
Anonymous said…
Yes I am. And yes, that was a hilarious movie!
Hopeless said…
Tigger. There seems to be no way to email "the little things." Just references to "The Princess Bride."

He killed my father, but can fight left-handed.

Oh no! (former wife of Sean Penn says). I can't be responsible.

Ah, but my giant missed the Billy Crystal scene...

That doesn't work either.
Bubba said…
I don't know what a settee is, so I'm good. I know what a goatee is though.

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